Thursday, October 7, 2010

Story of HOPE
(Magdalena's Feet ~ March of Dimes Walk)
Julie ~ Magdalena’s Birthday Balloons
& March of Dimes
Magdalena Grace 08/06/08 - 01/13/09

Magdalena was born with Trisomy 18 and lived 167 amazing days.  The things that come naturally to babies (like eating and breathing) didn’t for Magdalena due to her condition.  Despite the doctor's diagnosis of ‘incompatible with life’...she had an amazing life with help from research done through March of Dimes. 

We love sharing Magdalena with others and how she has forever changed us.  In honor of the life she lived, we work with March of Dimes so that babies have a fighting chance at life.  We also started ‘Magdalena's Birthday Balloons.”  This is a way for us to celebrate the day we were able to meet her face to face.  The event begins with a huge picnic and grill out.  Everyone brings a new toy for the children at the Batson Children's Hospital where Magdalena saw her doctors.  This has become an annual event.
We walked in our first ‘March for Babies’ walk about a month after we received Magdalena's diagnosis.  I was 26 weeks pregnant with her during this walk.  A mommy who had lost her child due to SIDS recommended finding a way to honor Magdalena.  Being involved with the March of Dimes organization was an easy choice for us; beginning ‘Magdalena’s Birthday Balloons’ was more of a challenge.  At first we were afraid to make people feel uncomfortable.  But my husband and I decided that if people felt uncomfortable, they just would not come.  To our surprise, we had an amazing group of people come. They came because they too loved Magdalena and wanted to honor her life by helping others.  

Since Magdalena ~ I am forever changed.  She taught me how selfish I really was.  Every part of my life has been altered, from my thinking, who I am friends with, and even what we talk about.  I have moments where I really just want to break down and huddle in a corner, but I think of how disappointed Magdalena would be in that.  She fought all 167 days of her life that God blessed her with, and I believe in my mind there was a purpose for it.  I have to constantly remind my heart of that.

I love making a positive difference with ‘Magdalena’s Birthday Balloons’ and my blog.  I recently received a comment on my blog from a mommy whose daughter received one of the Barbie dolls donated through our birthday party.  I also like to connect with other baby loss moms and support them online.  Sometimes mommies just need to talk and to know that someone cries with them.  I like being that support for others.

Someone who has impacted me is my sister.  She was there throughout our entire journey with Magdalena. Because I was a first time mom, there were so many things I didn't think of, but she made sure that I did.  She helped me to get pictures, videos, see Santa, and more.  I had complete trust in her, nor could I have done it without her.  On days that I thought I was breaking down she would come over and snuggle with Magdalena.  And even now, after Magdalena's death, she never forgets to include her in everything ~ all of the holidays, etc.  She was an amazing ‘Loli’ (that is her aunt name), and I hope that I can be a ‘Loli’ to others who are in the same situation.

A quote that I would like to share is:  "God's gifts put man's best dreams to shame." - Elizabeth Barrett Browning


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 To read more about Julie's story of Hope read her Blog.


Mary said...

What a great story! God always has something in store for the lives of our little ones, even though we think they are too short! I love the song Selah sings called "Unredeemed." Magdalena's life has made such a difference! Thanks for the reminder to see thier life as WAY more important than their death, no matter how short!

Trena said...

amazing story ♥

Lori said...

xoxo Magdalena xoxo

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