Monday, January 31, 2011

Mom to John Robert (Rip) Harris
November 11th, 2010 - November 18th, 2010
Charleston, South Carolina

I found out that I was pregnant two days after Easter in 2010.  The two weeks leading up to taking the pregnancy test I had a sneaking suspicion something was up because I kept getting really really hot and I am NEVER hot.  I woke my husband Parke up and told him the news by saying, "Do you really want to go to Costa Rica?" (we had a deal that if I got pregnant, he could go to Costa Rica on a surfing trip...probably not the most mature way to negotiate a baby but there you have it)...after looking understandably confused for a few seconds he was pretty excited.  Ever the cautious one, he warned me not to tell too many people right away.  Ever the wreckless one, I think I called my mom before I pulled out of the driveway that morning. 

Mom to Angel Baby "Blueberry"
Miscarried at 12 weeks on October 5th, 2010
Fort Thomas, Kentucky

My husband said to me, "Maybe we could just let it go this once." He was talking about protection. We had discussed having a baby, I have two girls, and he had none. He always said he didn't want his own children. We had grown up together, and after 18yrs and my divorce we became a couple. I was so excited to try for a baby even though I had suffered from fertility issues in the past. I had a really good feeling about this.

Mom to Linus Michel
October 15th, 2010
American living in Germany

My name is Tiffany. I am an American living in Germany, have two sons, and have just had my 5th angel baby.  Previous pregnancies have all ended around the 8 week mark, except for one previously that ended at 14 weeks as a missed miscarriage. My husband and I have gotten through so much in the past 5 years, that it doesn't even seem real at some points.  I would like to share my story with my most recent loss, my angel Linus Michel.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mom to Charlotte Jean
Born Still on January 8, 2011
Jamestown, Ohio
My story starts like many others. I fell in love with my soul mate and best friend, Peter. We met in college and married in August 2006 after I graduated. We somehow, only God knows how, ended up living and settling down in the middle of no where Ohio. God has so richly blessed us in our 4 years of marriage and we were ready to add to our family.

Mom to Andrew
Born Still on December 5, 2010
Naperville, Illinois
What can I say? I've experienced more heartbreak than I thought was ever conceivable. Ever.

Mom to Drake
Born Still on January 31, 2008 at 16 weeks
Coventry, Rhode Island
My name is Saren. I live in Coventry, Rhode Island. I lost my son, Drake, at 16 weeks, on January 31, 2008. I found out I was pregnant in early November of 2007, and from the start I was very ill.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Mom to Olivia Grace
Born Prematurely on January 15, 2011
Frisco, Texas

I will never forget my first morning with morning sickness. At first I thought it was the stomach flu, but after a week I decided it was time for a test. It took 8 tests to make me believe I was actually pregnant. I called my boyfriend, who lived hours away at the time, with the news. The excitement started from there.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mom to Sebastian, May 2008
Angel, March 2009
and Little Bit, November 2009
Marion, Ohio

My husband and I had spent a year trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant. A trip to the doctors confirmed one of our greatest fears, that we might never conceive. We decided that rather than give in and give up, we’d fight for the one thing we wanted most- to be parents. And so we did.

Mom to Nicholas John
September 28, 2009 to October 3, 2009
Oakhurst, California

My husband and I found out we were expecting our fourth child in February of 2010. I was very scared about having another child as my hands were pretty full with our other children. Bradley was 7, Emily was 5 & Wesley was 2. I was excited to be giving my other children a new sibling and I was even more excited that my oldest two would know a little more about what was happening to my body.I knew they would be super excited to welcome a new baby to our home! I couldn't wait and told everyone I knew as soon as I took the test!

Mom to Jake and Sawyer
Jake, August 14, 2005 - August 27, 2005
Sawyer, November 17, 2009 - December 26, 2009
Atlanta, Georgia
I am a mother of four. Two of my children share a room down the hall from my room. Two of my children share a plot in a cemetery which is fifteen minutes from our home.

Mom to Addison Marie
Born still on March 20, 2008
Heflin, Alabama

My name is Denise.  I am the face of a stillbirth. I am the mother of an angel named Addison Marie. Addison was born "still" on March 20, 2008 due to a umbilical cord accident in my 9th month of pregnancy. You are loved and missed everyday.

Denise can be contacted at:

Mom to Remington Derik
Born on June 17, 2010
Grew his wings on June 25, 2010
Salt Lake City, Utah
I will never forget the day I took that first positive pregnancy test. January 23, 2010. I was having a few of the usual symptoms.  I was tired, grumpy and a little nauseous at times, my period wasn't even late yet but I had never felt the way I was feeling before and thought I'd take a pregnancy test.  When it came back negative I'd cross the possibility of being pregnant off the list. I took the test and then sat it on the counter. I was so sure it would be negative I didn't even think to look at it until after I had already washed my hands. When I looked down I saw two perfectly pink lines. It didn't even take me two seconds to decide I was excited about it. Maybe everything in my life wasn't as in order as I had imagined it should be when I got pregnant, but I was growing a little person inside of me and knowing that was the best combination of emotions I have ever felt.

Mother of Garrison Terrelle
Born Sleeping at 17 weeks 2 days
On December 26, 2010
St. Petersburg, Florida 
I am Tabitha Shorter mother to Garrison Terrelle Shorter who was born sleeping December 26, 2010 with my nose and his father’s lips and mouth. Gary and I met the summer 2008 while I was teaching and coaching basketball in South Carolina and we talked a couple of times during the summer. Gary is professional photographer as well as a Networking Engineer so he always had a busy schedule. It was not until November 2008, that he just happened to call me as I was coming home from a basketball game which we had lost miserably. He had decided to end communication previously because we lived in two separate states. I lived in South Carolina and he lived in Georgia, but actually we were not that far away. So, when he called me he told me that he investigated the distance through Google maps and concluded that it was not that far.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mom to Hannah born July 9, 2010
and Miscarriage at 8 weeks on June 23, 2008
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Ever since I was a little girl – all I spoke about and wanted was to get married and have lots of children. I actually thought I’d ‘settle’ on 5 children but when I met my husband he made it clear he only wanted to have 2 children. Between us we have loads of twins in our family, his father, my mother, my mother had twins, my grandfather is a twin…. Needless to say twins run in the family. So I spoke with certainty, that well - then we’d just have to have 1 child and then twins later, so that we would have 3 children!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mom to Addison Eloise
Born Still on December 5, 2010
Olympia, Washington
I married my husband Brian on August 9, 2008. It wasn’t long after that we decided to get started on having a family. It took us awhile to get pregnant, but in March 2010, we got our positive pregnancy test. We were thrilled. We were only able to make it until 6 weeks before we told our family and we told the rest of our friends at 10 weeks.

Mom to Hayden James
January 8th, 2011
Clovis, California

On January 7th, 2011, I learned that I will experience the worst incident anyone could possibly imagine: the loss of their child. I don't even know what to say about the whole thing except for how it's not fair. Why does everyone else get to go home with their babies and mine lies asleep forever?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Early Miscarriage at 5 weeks, 5 days
May 2010
Missed Miscarriage at 12 weeks, 4 days
November 2010
Aurora, CO
On May 1st, 2010 my husband (Erik) and I found out we were expecting for the second time. Immediately, we told our 2 year old he was going to be a big brother. He knew Mommy had a baby in her tummy. The pregnancy was very different than my first. I didn't have morning sickness right away and I felt like I was going to have my period at any moment. I wasn't concerned because I had heard this was a symptom many women feel early in their pregnancies. One night, after we had put our son to bed, Erik and I cuddled up to watch 'The Time Traveler's Wife'. I'd never seen it before and didn't know what to expect. I went to bed that night very emotional. Being newly pregnant, the multiple miscarriages she'd had filled me with worry. I had a sick feeling in my stomach all night.

Mom to Charlie Douglas
Born Still on September 23, 2010 at 12:59 pm
Akron, Ohio

Our story began almost 16 years ago. I met my husband when I was 16. He and I remained friends while we went off to college in different states and through several boyfriends/girlfriends. We decided to start dating at the tender age of 22.

Mom to Angel Baby "Wrinkle"
Misscarried at 12 Weeks on November 17, 2010
Port Orchard, Washington

I had been feeling lousy for nearly two months and hadn't had a normal period since August but I stopped nursing my son in July so it didn't seem too strange ~ it never occurred to me that I could be pregnant given our history of infertility. On October 27, 2010, we decided to take a pregnancy test simply to rule out what we already knew (i.e. that we were not pregnant).

Mom to Marcus Sammuel Dwight
Born Still on August 31, 2010
Centreville, Virginia
"Why are you drinking that coffee drink?" asked my friend Janice, as I was sitting down at my desk for work. "Oh, because I haven't felt Marcus move this morning so I am trying to give him a jump start. It's decaf, I just want the cold and sweet to hopefully get him moving!" was my response. After that came the question of when was the last time I felt him move and that is when it hit me. At first I did not panic or think too much about it. I just thought to myself and tried to remember the answer. As I thought really hard, I realized that I had last felt him move the the afternoon of the day before. Again, I did not panic but continued talking to Janice. She came over to me and started poking at my belly to see if she could get Marcus to move. Five minutes go by and nothing. That is when I actually started to worry. Janice gives me a look and says that I should call my doctor.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mom to Simon Maurice
August 16, 2010
O'Fallon, Illinois

My husband Shane and I decided to start trying for our first baby January 1, 2010. I found out I was pregnant at the end of February, much to our surprise and excitement. Everything was going great, and I was due on Halloween 2010 with a baby boy.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Missed Miscarriage at 12 weeks
December 2010
Albany, New York

My husband and I were thrilled to be expecting our 2nd child. We had a 6 week scan, which was routine at my OB and saw a strong heartbeat.  Things progressed...I had horrible morning sickness, but told myself it was all worth it.

Mom to Angel A & Angel B
Born Pre-Term on April 22, 2010
Wilton, Connecticut

My husband and I got married on August 30, 2008. We wanted to start trying to conceive right away. Eight months after we got married, I started thinking something was wrong. We had actively tried to conceive every cycle, and for some reason, it just wasn’t happening for us. In June 2009, I went to a Reproductive Endocrinologist. After a myriad of tests, we were diagnosed under “Unexplained Infertility”. We endured three failed IUIs, until finally, in December 2009, we were successful with our first IVF.

Mom to Kylie Brielle
October 1, 2009 to October 15, 2009
Toney, Alabama

After five years of trying to conceive, 3 years of fertility treatments, including 3 failed IUI's, we found out on our fifth wedding anniversary that we were pregnant- on our own! In the beginning, my levels (hcg, etc.) never doubled or did what they were supposed to. My doctor was expecting me to miscarry, but I didn't. At nearly 8 weeks, my baby had a strong heartbeat. After that, my pregnancy was very normal. I was given a due date of January 1, 2010, and I was ecstatic. My miracle baby, the baby we were not supposed to conceive, would be a Christmas gift for all of us. In order to understand the outcome, I think it is important to tell what happened in my pregnancy first. Sorry this is so long, but I need to tell all.

Mom to Paige Marie
Born Still on August 2, 2010
Richland, Washington

He flipped the switch and the room darkened. “Maybe now we will get a clearer view” he said.
I stared at the screen and it was still. Nothing. No movement or fluttering at all. “There is no heartbeat is there?” I said, fighting back tears.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mom to Lewis Jack Warner
December 29th, 2010
Indianapolis, Indiana

I married my high school sweetheart, Jon, nearly eight years ago. After years of playing with nieces and nephews and talking incessantly about what our children would be like, we decided it was time to expand our family. On September 27th of last year we saw two pink lines. We jumped up and down. We kissed. We danced. We nicknamed our little one Ziggy. We immediately shared the news with family. We only made it a few more weeks before we told the world. My due date was set for June 7th, one day before my birthday. My pregnancy was great. Other than being tired and having some headaches, I felt wonderful. My baby bump grew fast, and I loved it. I couldn’t wait to look down and not be able to see my toes. I was blessed to be able to feel butterfly kicks really early too. I never imagined that those kicks wouldn’t get stronger.

Mom to Seth Alexander
Stillborn September 29th, 2009
Early Miscarriage October 7th, 2010
Esegenoopetitj, NB Canada

So my pregnancy was pretty uneventful, besides the horrible morning sickness that I had the first few months. I did everything right, went to all my doctors appointments, ate right, didn't drink or smoke, and I went to breastfeeding classes and a few different prenatal classes just so I would be ready. I was attending university when I found out I was pregnant and I was due in November so I decided I would finish that year off and take the next year off to take care of the baby. So September rolled around, and I was sad not to be in school, but excited because in only a few months my son would arrive.

Mom to Moriah Pearl
Born and passed on December 3rd, 2010 at 21 weeks
and an Ectopic Pregnancy
Hampton, Virginia

I am a wife, sister, daughter, and an amazing friend. I am married to the love of my life Aaron, we have been together for two years. We were married November 15, 2008 after a whirlwind long distance relationship. We grew up and graduated together but were just good friends. Fate had it that I would text him one day 3 years after last seeing him, 9 months later we wed. God has blessed me with the opportunity to wed my best friend. We knew immediately we wanted to start a family but I was nervous as I had PCOS which is a condition effecting the ovaries...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mom to Sofia Rose
October 12th, 2010
Omaha, Nebraska

We found out on February 3, 2010 that we were expecting with a due date of 10-10-10.  It was such an exciting day.  We waited for the "safe" months to pass before telling family & friends our great news.  At approximately 12 weeks we spilled the beans and everyone was surprised & excited.   

Mom to Everett Eric
Stillborn on August 11, 2010
Indianapolis, IN 

It was just over a year ago, December 30, 2009 to be exact that we found out we were expecting our second child. After many months of unsuccessful fertility treatments, I have poly cystic ovarian syndrome, my husband and I were ecstatic to say the least.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mom to Shannon Elizabeth January 16th - January 19th, 2007
and Peanut Shelbe - EDD April 10th, 2008
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

In the summer of 2006, I hadn't been feeling good a lot. A pregnancy test revealed my first pregnancy was starting! We went for an ultrasound in the fall. We were so excited. By this time we could already feel the baby kicking. I just wanted to know what I was having so I could start buying outfits, toys, and all that good stuff. We went to have the ultrasound that morning without a care in the world. The tech started doing the ultrasound. She was taking a long time, like she was having trouble. She said she couldn't find her stomach and I might have to go to a different hospital. I didn't care; I just wanted to know what it was! The baby had its legs crossed and she couldn't tell. She finished up and told me to go back downstairs to my OB's office. My doctor came in the room and was asking if I could get to a downtown hospital right now. Then he asked Steve and me if anyone had mentioned anything about a hernia. We told him no, but he didn't reply, just told us to get down to the other hospital and he would call ahead. On the twenty minute ride down to the hospital, I wasn't scared, just disappointed that I still didn't know what I was having. Steve, I think, seemed uneasy.
Story of HOPE

Anna ~ Angel Kisses
Scarlette Rose September 22, 2008
My daughter Scarlette was stillborn on September 22, 2008, at 19 weeks, as a result of a congenital heart defect as well as bronchial isomerism syndrome.  In January of 2009, I began a fundraiser to benefit the program at the local hospital where I delivered Scarlette, that assists families who are going through a loss.  This February will be our third year and going strong!   We are hoping to branch out to help more hospitals designate programs such as the Child Remembered Program at our hospital.
My healing process began in the hospital where Scarlette was delivered. When my angel arrived, my doctor cried, the nurse dressed her and took pictures and burial options were discussed.  I was able to hold her, love her, sing to her, look at her tiny fingers and toes, and be her mom until it was time to go.  The next three months were a flurry of anger, sadness, bitterness, and black.  I thought I would never smile again.
When I decided to do what would later be called "Angel Kisses" (for the snowflakes that touch your cheek, kisses from our angels) I had hope again and that was a gift sent straight from my daughter.  Being able to find something to keep my mind active, but my heart with Scarlette, was just what I needed.  The women that I met who had gone through having a child die were just the people I needed in my life.  There is no doubt that those connections were coordinated by our little ones to assist in our healing processes.  To be able to celebrate my daughter's short life has been a tremendous part of my healing process and I think, has brought me to a healthy place of grief.  I'm able to incorporate her into my everyday life in a positive way and for that, I'm grateful. 
A fundraiser was planned close to what would have been Scarlette's due date.  I thought that we as "Angel Parents" deserved to celebrate the little lives that had touched ours so deeply.  And it was just that- a celebration.  February 21, 2009, was a joyous occasion.  In a short 6 week time frame, we raised $6,500 for the Child Remembered Program at our local hospital, in the names of our children.  It was an amazing day to be a part of.   In 2010, Angel Kisses raised just under $20,000 for the creation of what we called a Bereavement Room.  The room is currently under construction at our local hospital, where we all delivered our babies.  The hope for this space is that it will be a sanctuary for families who are experiencing the loss of a child during delivery.  This is the artist's rendering of the room is pictured above.

The inspiration for Angel Kisses has rolled in like a storm.  I could see the need in the distance and could hear the thunder approaching from the moment I lost Scarlette.  I knew that it would forever be a part of my life, like any damage you build from.  You never forget where the new structure came from and I'm lucky to have had the opportunity to build such a beautiful thing based on such remarkable loss.  
From the day I decided that this must be, until now as I write, I'm sure that this was always Scarlette's reason for being a part of my life.  It's obvious to me everyday that there was someone special growing under my heart and her presence was a physical, spiritual and emotional inspiration.  I hear you all the time, baby.  Loud and clear.  
Angel Kisses is absolutely something I could never have foreseen as a possibility.  First of all, I'm hugely critical of myself and would never have thought to have taken on the daunting task of creating this fundraiser and soon-to-be organization.  I'm fanciful and full of ideas, but I've never been one to fully believe that I'm capable of success to this measure.  However, with my daughter's spirit at my side and the support of the most amazing moms, friends and family, there is nothing that isn't possible.  Beyond that, I've never seen myself in a role like this one.  I went to school to be a teacher, I've always worked for someone else and I've never thought of myself as someone to bring together a group as large as this to do something so incredible. 
I feel like the only thing that is different about me before Scarlette and me after Scarlette is the fact that she is now with me all the time and the inspiration for everything.  Without her tiny hands guiding mine, I never would have had the courage to do something like this.
There are roadblocks.  Having had the ups and downs of a new organization, led by a group of inspired, strong, opinionated women.  I have wondered if what we are doing is worth it, I have wondered if it was really what I was supposed to be doing, I have wondered if sacrificing time with my family was the best decision.  But as things progress, I realize that much of it is out of my hands and is being led by a higher power.   
To date, the most amazing story that I've heard started at last year's fundraiser.  My best friend Teresa and her husband Jason attended and bid on numerous items.  They happened to win a 4D ultrasound as they were trying to start a family at the time.  A month later, they announced their pregnancy. 
Teresa's pregnancy went by without circumstance.  At thirty weeks, she was debating using the 4D ultrasound they had won, or perhaps giving it to other friends of ours who hadn't been able find out the gender of their child.  She decided to use it and came straight to my house to show me pictures of her beautiful son right after.  In conversation, she casually mentioned that the technician had expressed concern at the possibility of seeing an issue with the baby's heart.  Having the experience that I had, I was adamant about Teresa following up with her regular doctor.  After extensive testing and ultrasounds, they did indeed find that there was a heart defect and a plan was made for the baby's birth and after care.   A few days after the defect was found, her husband sent me this note: 
"So I've been thinking about something for the last few days and I have a really hard time saying it out loud without breaking down, so here it is.  If she hadn't passed away, you wouldn't have gotten involved, we wouldn't have come to support you, and we would have never known that our guy needed help.  I want you to know that I'm thankful for Scarlette Rose and that her life has had an impact on us and our little guy."
To know that my little girl's life may have saved the life of another baby who I will know and love for the rest of his life- well, I don't have words for it.  I'm just grateful.
Teresa’s son Grayson was born on November 12th of this year and had open-heart surgery a week later.  His care has been amazing, he is doing very well, and his parents are well aware of how lucky they are to have him here.  He will always have a little angel named Scarlette looking out for him.  
There is no end to the ways that I have been blessed, touched and inspired by the ways that people have extended themselves since the day I said hello and goodbye to my Scarlette Rose.   From the donations that people offer, to the tears that have been wiped away, to the stories people have told me, to the very first day in the hospital when kind-hearted nurses looked at my baby lovingly rather than in disgust, I have been touched.  I hope that someday I will be able to do enough through Angel Kisses to repay the kindness and love I've been shown.
To learn more about this wonderful organization please visit Angel Kisses

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Face2Face Friendship Groups: Leaders Needed!

Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope is all about connection. Hopefully, through our website (and facebook page), you’ve been able to connect with other parents with stories similar to yours. While connecting online is great, there is still something really special about making a face-to-face connection with someone who ‘gets’ what it’s like to lose a baby. As our Faces community has grown, and more and more stories have been posted to the site, we’ve started to think, “hey, there are a lot of people that live in the same cool would it be if they could all meet up in-person?”

And so, the idea of our Face2Face Friendship Groups was born.

Face2Face Friendship Groups are not meant to be formal ‘support groups,’ but rather simple gatherings of friends who share a deep common bond. Groups of friends hanging out, enjoying a meal or a cup of coffee (or tea! Or wine!), and talking about their babies.

In order to get these groups up and running, we need your help. We will be looking for mamas to sign up as Group Leaders for their cities/areas in the coming weeks/months. 

Here’s how it will all work:

1. Sign up to be a Group Leader in your city/area by filling out this application form. If more than one person signs up for the same area, we may ask you to work together as Co-Leaders.
2. Decide on a time and location for your group meetings. We recommend choosing a public spot, like a restaurant or coffee shop, but it’s all up to you! You might choose to meet once a month, bi-weekly, or b-monthly--again, it’s up to you.
3. Send your meeting details to us, so we can add your group to the directory on the Face2Face Friendship Groups page on the website (coming soon!) Your name and contact information will be listed and interested women will be encouraged to contact you with questions.
4. Set up a Facebook page for your group (optional) and send us the link to include with your group details.
5. We will send you a Group Leader Intro Packet, as well as periodic tips, ideas, and materials to help make your group successful. We are here to support you, but as a Group Leader, you will be responsible for deciding what (if any) structure your group will have.
6. As new groups are formed, they will be added to the soon-to-be-unveiled Face2Face Friendship Groups page on the website, so that new Faces mamas can search for groups to hook up with in their areas.

Group Leader ‘Requirements’:
  • Must have personally experienced the loss of a baby at some point in their lives (gestation/age does not matter, nor does the year in which the loss occurred!)
  • Must be able to commit to being a Group Leader for a minimum of 6 months
  • Desirable traits: responsible, dependable, organized, outgoing, good communicator, creative, empathetic, fun!
Group Leader Responsibilities:
  • Determine group meeting dates, times, and location (for example, the 2nd Tuesday of the month, 7pm, at the Starbucks in St. Louis Park), and communicate any changes/cancellations to Faces staff.
  • Serve as primary contact in your area. This includes communicating with new Faces mamas interested in joining/attending your group, etc.
  • Decide upon the structure (if any) of your group. Will you just get together and chat? Will you do a sort of book club? Will you come up with discussion questions before each meeting? It’s up to you!
  • Recruit people to join your group. In addition to being listed on the Faces website, you may wish to have your group listed with your local hospital/birth center/clinic, or even personally invite women from your area as you see them post stories on
  • Keep a listing of all group members/attendees, so that you can send group meeting reminders, changes, etc.
So...ready to become a Group Leader? Please fill out this form completely. Once we’ve received your application, you will get an email from a Faces staff person, along with a packet of information (also via email) within one week of applying. Questions? Please contact Kristin at Thanks so much!

Ps. For those not interested in being a Group Leader, but who would like to join a Face2Face Friendship Group, keep an eye out for a new group directory/listing soon! :) 
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