Thursday, October 7, 2010

Story of HOPE
Mary ~ Micah’s Gift
Mommy to Micah Quinn 8/18/10

Micah Quinn was due on April 7, 2011.  We found out that our baby had died on August 18, 2010.   Micah Quinn was lost to an early miscarriage on August 18th, 2010 at only seven weeks gestation.  I have started a blog in Micah's honor where I take pictures of angels' names on blades of grass for their families.   I have named this project ‘Micah’s Gift.’

The inspiration for Micah’s Gift was like thunder ~ loud and clear.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do after I took the first picture of Micah's name on a blade of wild grass.  After I lost Micah, I had a need to find some special way to remember my baby.  Since I lost my baby early, I felt like I had nothing.  I saw that other angel mommies had name galleries for their children and thought that was such a special way to remember their angels.  I wanted to add to their galleries for their angels and start one for my angel too.  

Taking the pictures for other angel families helps heal my heart because I am bringing some happiness to others by remembering their precious children.  It also is such a special thing because this is for my precious baby.  It makes me feel good because my baby's short life is helping others in their grief.  

It does a mommy's heart good to share their baby with others and I am honored to be a part of that.  I am proud that my baby is who started it all.  With this new project I know Micah will not be forgotten and neither will the angels whose names are written on Micah's blades of grass.

My project is very new so people don't really know about it yet, but the moms that I have done it for have told me that it means a lot to them.  It has made them happy and that makes me happy too.  One of the moms told me to come here and share what I am doing because it could bring hope to others.  Their words of kindness, encouragement and support have made me feel like I am making a difference at least in a small way.  It makes me feel like even though Micah isn't here with me I can still do something for my baby.  I feel like I can still be Micah's mommy. That makes a big difference in my life.

There were many moms that I was inspired by so I hate to mention just one.  I have been sent so many words of kindness, but there is one mom whose blog I have been following since well before I lost Micah.  She is Ella's mommy, Bree.  Bree gave me my first gift in memory of Micah.  It was a butterfly with Micah's name on it.  She is so kind and gives of herself without asking anything in return.  She makes butterflies for all of our angels.  She and many other angel mommies take pictures of our angels' names for us.  

When I started a name gallery for Micah I knew I wanted to do the same.  So I sent her a sample of Micah's name on a blade of grass and asked if she thought it was something other mothers would like.  She was so kind and encouraging and said that they would love it.  Micah's name is the first name I wrote on the grass, but Ella's was the second. That is how "Micah's Gift" began.

To read more about Micah’s Gift
please visit Mary’s blog.
Micha's story is also on Faces.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet idea! You're an inspiration! Bless your heart....

My Forever Child said...

That is a beautiful memorial project. I'm sure it is very healing for you to do. I added your button to my page of Remembrances for other bereaved parents to learn of your services.

Warm wishes,

Jessica said...

Oh Mary! You know you were my inspiration for naming my babies! I mentioned you in my story of hope :) You are a lovely women with a huge heart :) I'm so glad our babies brought us together! (((hugs))) <3

Mary said...

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments. I am sorry that I am just now reading them. I didn't even think of checking back to see if I had comments.

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