Thursday, October 14, 2010

Story of HOPE

Deanna ~ River’s Run and Ride Rally
Mommy to River Daniel
04/30/09 - 05/06/09

River passed away due to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) at only six days old.  We started a fundraiser in his memory called River's Run and Ride Rally.  This has helped us give back to our community and Faith's Lodge as well as The Compassionate Friends Organization.  Both organizations have been so supportive to us through our journey.

Our inspiration grew out of our plan to have a remembrance birthday party for River.  The ideas just started flowing from there.  We brainstormed and were very proactive in planning for at least 5 months before the main event, with smaller fundraisers prior (to gain capital).  Then it all just happened, people were contacting us with donations and items for raffles and silent auction.  It was amazing!

This year, we raised over $8000 in memory of our precious son.  The main event is the first Saturday in May ~ which is always the first Saturday after his birthday ~ so he will always have an annual birthday celebration.  We have met many people that have such big hearts and have helped us move forward in a positive way to remember our son and help others.  River’s life has made a positive difference and has completely changed us.  We are making donations within our community to organizations that truly need the money, and it is from River.  He is the reason we are able to keep giving.  

We just became incorporated and are in the process of becoming non-profit.  Two years ago, I never would have thought we would be creating our own organization in River's memory.  He will stay alive through this and we will not let anyone forget him.

There are always roadblocks.  Time seems to be my biggest!  There are always things to follow up on, or work towards for next year and staying organized is a must!  Many people said after our event last year that it was "a lot of work" but to us, we felt like if River were here, we would have spent much more time making sure he was okay and had everything he needed, so the time sacrifice for us was minimal.

There are so many people that impact me to try and stay positive and keep moving forward. Reading the stories shared here, for example.  Carly's "To Write Their Names in the Sand" is another that is so inspirational to try and do anything we can for others walking in our shoes.

River's Memorial Garden

To find out more about Deanna's organization please visit Rivers Run and Ride Rally
River's story can be found on Faces.


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