Thursday, October 14, 2010

Story of HOPE
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Ashley ~ Mom to twins  
Cade and Nylah born 3/21/10
Nylah died on June 20, 2010

My daughter Nylah passed away of SIDS on Father's Day June 20, 2010.  In order to work through my grief I go visit her almost every day.   We also have pictures of her all around our home, and talk about her often. 

This has helped me heal because I am able to talk with people about her and not cry the second I mention her name or think of her.  Going to visit her as much as I can has really helped and moving back home where she passed away has helped as well.  Being in the last place that she was and remembering her all the time helps.  We love her so much and continue to show this by being everywhere we can in order to still feel close to her.

My two other children have really helped me and inspired me to be strong for them and to make sure they know who Nylah is as they grow older.  I am doing something that I never thought possible. . . I am living back in our home where she passed away; I am able to go in the room where she died.

I have days where I break down, feel depressed and I feel as though I am letting Nylah down along with my other two children.  We continue to try and move forward because it makes a difference for our family.  Talking about her often helps.   Showing my children pictures of their sister helps.   Going to see my daughter’s grave as much as possible has really helped.   My husband is stronger through witnessing all of my attention to Nylah’s memory, because if I can do something like that ~ then he feels he can too.  

You will never be forgotten my love. 

Nylah's story can be found on Faces of Loss.


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