Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Story of HOPE

Story of HOPE

Tegan ~ Hiring for Hope
Mother of Melannah - 11/05/2005
and Acree Twins - 05/28/10

My husband and I have lost our 3 children to miscarriage during our third month.  In addition to our losses, I was a birth coach to my sister during my Nephew's stillbirth at 38 weeks gestation.  As a result of these experiences my husband and I created a national tax exempt public charity called Hiring for Hope.  We would have been lost without building our charity. It has had such an impact on so many lives and helped my sister and I to save our own.  

My inspiration for creating Hiring for Hope came from losing our three children, the loss of my Nephew, and receiving a grant from a pharmaceutical company when we were awarded a grant during our own family building journey.  We spent the last year building our organization along with 60 other volunteers.  I abandoned a high paying corporate job and exchanged it for no paycheck in order to build Hiring for Hope. I knew in an instant that building something to help other couples was what I wanted to do.

I never would have believed it possible, but after five years of fertility treatments and enduring the roller coaster ride of financial and pregnancy loss that goes along with building a family for some, my husband and I built this organization while parenting our two small children under the age of two.  We didn't get any sleep. There have been so many times when I thought I could not possibly go on.

While building Hiring for Hope, we were bombarded with roadblocks.  We endured a flood when our neighborhood was declared a "national disaster area" by FEMA, lost our precious twins, lost my 94 year old Grandmother, watched helplessly at my sister's side as my Nephew was stillborn at 38 weeks, survived a heart attack, and had our baby sitter "invade" our home and our finances while we were away.

All of our effort and dedication resulted in the creation of Hiring for Hope.  Our organization provides financial assistance, resources, and support for couples that have lost a child and/or are experiencing obstacles to building their families. We provide free services for job seekers in career transition. We fund all of our services by placing job seekers with employers. The following services are completely complimentary to all members:

1) Brave Little Soul Grant Program
2) Safe, secure, online support community for couples (Voice of Hope)
3) Brave Little Souls Memorial Beach Playground
4) Incentive Program - A way to use your networking skills and contacts to earn the money that you need to overcome your obstacles to building your family 

You can view more about Tegan's organization on You Tube  


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