Thursday, December 2, 2010

Story of HOPE

Kristine ~ Cora's Story Inc. 
Cora Mae 11/30/09 to 12/06/2009
My daughter Cora died in my arms suddenly and unexpectedly, while breastfeeding, of a undetected congenital heart defect at five days old.  
I started Cora's Story Inc, a nonprofit geared to making sure no other mother finds out about congenital heart defects from the coroner.  I've also encouraged acts of good each month on the 30th with "Wear Pink for Cora."   
My inspiration came from Cora, and the love I felt for her.  Becoming a mother changed me forever.  Without my baby here, I needed a place to put all that extra love.   I do it all for her and try to silence the voice of my “inner critic.”   I daily do something I that I never though was possible ~ blog about my journey of grief and loss in order to help others.  I've read stories of people encouraged by Cora that are just amazing.   Spreading love, compassion and hope are what I live for now.  They're all I have.  I cling to them and can't imagine where I'd be without the opportunity to do a bit of good in Cora's name.  
A few weeks after Cora died I read a quote that is perfect and that I would like to share.  It basically said that if you're scared, it's okay, but to not stop, keep going and be scared at the same time.  I have doubts and fears all the time, but I try to remember that it's normal and just keep going.  
Cora has impacted and changed lives!  I've gotten emails that Cora's saved lives after mother's recognized the signs and symptoms after reading her story.  I am moved beyond words that her death has helped other babies live.  
I'm inspired by all the grieving mothers that lost their child before and after me.  Grief is such an awesomely powerful force, and grieving mothers are so strong.  We can do just about anything ~ change the world. 
You can read here about Cora's Story 


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