Thursday, November 18, 2010

Story of HOPE
Kathleen ~ Author
Zachary Thomas: miscarried 1995, 
Joshua Caelan: miscarried at 6 weeks 8/98, 
Victoria Elizabeth Noel: miscarried at 6 weeks 12/98, 
Nicholas Sean: born still at 16 weeks, 12/5/2002
We have had three first trimester losses: our oldest son had a twin, and we lost two at 6 weeks when our son was three.  Our son Nicholas was stillborn at 4 months in December of 2002, due to a food born illness. 
I have written a book called Angels in My Heart: A Journey of Love and Loss (Father's Press, 2010).  It combines my own personal journey of loss with the common expriences shared by many bereaved parents.  My hope, in writing this book, is to reach out to other grieving parents and let them know they are not alone, to be the presence of a friend for those who have little support. 
The writing of my story has helped me to work through my own feelings of grief and loss, and if, by sharing my story with others, I am able to help comfort someone else on their journey, then my children will have had a purpose on this earth.  
The inspiration was definitely a whisper that grew louder over time.  The project began as a talk for the day of support that I offer.  As I wrote, I quickly realized there was so much more that needed to be said than I could put into a 20-30minute presentation, and a little voice began to say, "You should write a book."  The thought was ridiculous and overwhelming to a mother of three young sons, but five years later, the project is finished!  
I am doing something that I never previously thought possible ~ promoting myself as an author!  Not a path I ever saw myself on or something I ever aspired to be--but here I am!  
I received the following card from a woman I don't know, who had read my book:  "Thank you for you book Angels in My Heart, dealing with your many losses. It was very healing for me. I had a miscarriage 40 years ago and still remember telling people about the experience and hearing many unkind comments and lack of understanding even from the medical community.  The sense of sadness, loss and physical emptiness was often overwhelming. Our 30 year old daughter had a miscarriage last December after six months of marriage.  She heard many of the same comments. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and feelings with such honesty."
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Steph D said...

Kathleen, I am so proud of your journey! You have been an inspiration to many parents over the years and, through this book, an inspiration to many more! Thank you for your friendship and I miss you terribly!

Unknown said...

I'm glad that you wrote a book that is helpful and that people can relate to. I'd def like to get it and read it!

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