Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mom to Elena Rebekah
Born and Died August 1st, 2002

The following is a blog entry that I wrote on what would have been Elena's third birthday.
On this day, three years ago, she came. So unexpectedly, she came. There was little time to prepare. We waited and we cried. And we prayed that maybe she wouldn't come because we knew she'd have to leave very quickly. We never expected her to come so soon. But she did.

After she came, everything was different. Sometimes the days seemed longer. Most times it felt like something was missing. But in the emptiness she had left us a small light. It shone for us and guided us through each day. We never expected that she would share her light with others. But she did.

Now, three years later, everything is different. The days go by so fast. Most times life feels so full because her light has filled us up to overflowing. Others, from far away, have seen her light and they pass it on to still others. The light grows and gets brighter. And even though she's not here, she sees it from where she is and she smiles. We never expected her to touch so many lives. To bring hope to so many hearts. But she did.

Happy Birthday Elena, my baby girl. And thank you for who you were, for who you are, for who you'll always be. You forever have my love, admiration and gratitude.

You can contact her at carriesjoy@gmail.com


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