Monday, November 8, 2010

Holiday Gift Exchange

Hi Everyone!
The upcoming holiday season is supposed to be 'the most wonderful time of the year.' But we all know, it's these 'special' times that can really hurt the most. For many of us, the holidays are an incredibly bittersweet time, and a painful reminder of the little one(s) who should be there to celebrate them with us.

Two lovely women from our community had the wonderful idea of organizing a Holiday Gift Exchange to help brighten up the holidays for us mamas missing our babies. Participants in the exchange will be matched with another mom and can buy or hand-make their partner something in honor of their baby--an ornament, a special candle, anything! Participating is not only a great way to honor and include your child(ren) this holiday season, but a chance to connect with another mom you may not have 'met' before.

Here are the details of the exchange:

1.)  Click here to sign-up, or fill out the form at the bottom of this post.
2.) Sign-up is open until November 22nd, 2010.
3.) You don't have to celebrate Christmas or any other holiday to participate.
4.) To help with gift ideas, we have asked each mom to tell us what reminds them of their baby(ies).
5.) We are asking that moms don't spend more than $20.00 (U.S. dollars) so that no mom feels obligated to spend a lot of money.
6.) We will email you your partners' information by November 23rd, 2010.
7.) Please have your gift mailed by December 10th, 2010.
8.) If for some reason your cannot fulfill your obligation, please let Carrie or Dana know right away, so we can make sure your mommy receives a gift.
9.) Your address will only be shared with the Gift Exchange Coordinators and the mommy you will be matched with.

Make sure to email Dana or Carrie with any questions: or Thanks so much!


Lori said...

What a wonderful, wonderful idea!!!! xoxo

Elainna said...

Wonderful idea! It will definitely help to take the focus off the holidays by thinking of another mom and her baby.

Anonymous said...

i am excited about meeting a angel mom & getting to learn about her angel.thanks for such a great ideal.

Anonymous said...

I love this idea! It gives me something to focus on during the lead up to the holidays. Thank you!

Becca said...

I haven't received any information yet :( Hopefully it will come soon! We are very much anticipating the gift exchange.

Jane said...

Just making sure I didn't miss any information..... I haven't recieved an email yet either!

Steph D said...

What a wonderful idea, I have to say my gift was just perfect!! Thanks Therese!!

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