Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Do YOU have a Story of HOPE?

I want to express the privilege that I have each time I read a 'Story of HOPE.'  

It always starts the same way. . . I have to wipe my eyes in order to read through the inevitable tears that spring forth after seeing another story of loss.  Knowing that another family has experienced the death of a baby rips my heart out.   But, as I read each story, my emotions swell and my faith in humanity is repaired bit by bit.  It is nothing short of inspiring to see an example of HOPE that comes in the wake of despair.  Thank you for being so bold and confident as you share your stories!

Pregnancy is supposed to be a time of new hope.  Yet, as we all know, it can quickly turn into our worst nightmare.  No parent ever anticipates the death of a child ~ yet many of you are making beautiful things grow from your pain.  You cultivate and nurture, you survive and look for an opportunity to memorialize your child. The world needs to know that it is possible to live again after death. 

Won't you consider sharing your story with us?

If you have a Story of HOPE to share, please submit it here.  Stories are posted on a weekly basis every Thursday.  Please remember to include a photo, blog link, or your story of loss (if submitted on Faces).  

If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie.


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