Monday, October 18, 2010

Thank you!

Wow. We want to say the hugest "thank you" to everyone who participated in our I AM THE FACE campaign. What a truly incredible month it's been!

First, let's talk about the faces. As of today, we have had a little over 1,900 face pictures uploaded to We set out to show the world two main things: 1) that while pregnancy/infant loss is not often talked about, it's very, very common, and 2) that miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant loss are not things that happen to "other people" off in the shadows somewhere, but things that can and do happen to anyone--your neighbor, your sister, your co-worker, and your friend. Real, beautiful, "normal" everyday faces. It's easy for people to ignore an issue. But put a face on it, and it's incredibly hard for people to turn a blind eye.

Next, the names. Just as striking as the faces, seeing all of our children's names (or nicknames), together in one place, is a powerful, powerful image. As we were adding names to the "Gone Too Soon" page, we kept thinking, each one of these names represents an actual baby, someone's world. They represent hours and hours spent on baby name sites. Each one was argued over, talked about, and decided on with so much love and excitement. Each one of these names has touched who knows how many people with their short but meaningful lives. Our children were more than ideas, or "products of conception." They were real babies with real names. They existed.

And then there are the donations. Our goal was to raise $2,000...and we raised over $5,000! We are completely blown away by the generosity of the over 550 people who made a financial donation to our cause. The majority of donations came from our friends and families--people that have not lost a baby themselves, but who wanted to show their support. Sometimes we feel like the 'outsiders' don't care, but this shows that a lot of them really do, maybe more than we think. We saw an uncle donate $100 in honor of his niece, grandparents making donations on behalf of their grandchildren, and friends pitching in what they could to support the person in their life who had lost a baby. Of course, many of you who submitted your face also donated as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support. We are so excited for all the great things we'll be able to do with this money.

While we might not have made as big of a splash as our friendly competition, breast cancer, we are thrilled with how many people were made aware of our message through this campaign. An amazing 5,620 people shared the link to on facebook. If you assume each of those people has an average of 200 facebook friends, that's over a million people at the very least seeing something about our campaign! On October 15th alone, we had over 5,000 visitors to the website. Our faces were seen and our voices were heard!

Again, thank you to everyone for your amazing support. None of this could have been done without you! We also want to send a quick special shout-out to Sarah, our Supporter Advocate and amazing Creative and Technical Guru (and Andrea's sister!). Sarah has been an integral part of this campaign with her creativity, drive and ideas. She single handily built not 1, but 2 iamtheface sites and created our community platform and brand identity for this entire campaign.  She is a huge part of our team and deserves an enormous thanks for helping make this campaign a success. Thanks Sarah!

Thanks again, everyone. We're already looking forward to Oct. 15th...2011!

With love and gratitude,
Kristin and Andrea


Brittany said...

You guys did an amazing job putting everything together! I am so proud of all our baby loss moms coming together to get the word out! Way to go Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope!!!! :)

Trena said...

A huge THANK YOU to Kristin, Andrea, Sarah and anyone else that was involved! Just think of all the possibilities for next year ♥

Jaime said...

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of and a face of an amazing organization. You are doing fantastic things in our sweet babies names and I am grateful and appreciative.


Lilly's Mom (Desiree) said...

Thank you guys for making it possible for Oct 15th,2010 to be such a huge success! <3

Franchesca said...

I am floored at how much you've done in such a short time. Thank you for all you're doing Kristin and Andrea


Unknown said...

How amazing!! Faces of Loss is def making an impact!

Michelle said...

I can hardly believe it, how far you've come in such a short period of time! Great job Faces team! I look forward to seeing all that you will be doing. And a big thank you for putting in the work so that all our faces be seen, our babies remembered, and our stories be heard. YOU ROCK!!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It is a beautiful thing you have done.

Christine Wright said...

You all are truly beautiful men and women who have had to endure this journey in life. I thak GOD for keeping our babies close until we get there. Ilove all of you for sharing your babies and your stories, we need to continue to do this. It brings peace, healing, and awareness and to know WE ARE NOT ALONE!!! HUGS TO ALL

Amanda said...

BRILLIANT!! I'm so thrilled that many women have been reached and given a place to share, grow, learn and experience full understanding. Bless you all for the amazing job you are doing!!

Maria said...

Thank you for giving us a place where we know we aren't alone, that we aren't the only one! October 15th was incredibly healing for me because of the support I felt through this campaign and the people involved!

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