Friday, October 1, 2010

Story of HOPE

THANK YOU to all who have begun to submit your Stories of HOPE.  This is an exciting time for Faces and we want to let you know that your participation is valued! 

Grief is a journey unique to each person who experiences it.  Sometimes it is endured minute by minute, even hour to hour and we want to help those who are struggling see that there is another Face of Loss, the Face of HOPE.  So many lives are affected by loss and grief, now we can help a little by sharing ways that we have all tried to make it through our grief and ultimately still survive it daily. 

Stories of HOPE will be posted each Thursday.  Please contact Stephanie with any questions. 

The first giveaway will end in only two days!  To participate, simply enter your comment HERE for a chance to win a $75 store credit to Beyond Words Designs. 


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