Thursday, October 21, 2010

Story of HOPE
Christine ~ Mother to
Emma Gayle 02-05-06 
& Baby Girl Wright 03-01-10

Emma Gayle was stillborn at 38 weeks on February 5, 2006 due to PI blood clotting. Baby Girl miscarried at 10 weeks due to broken heart.
Things that help me channel my grief into something positive are walks, sharing my story and scrap booking.  These things allow me to reflect and remember my girls and how much they meant to me and so many others.  I know if no one else cares to remember...they will always be loved and remembered by me.
Their lives have inspired me to always remember and honor them.  They were my babies....they had beating hearts.  I wanted them and had to do this (survive)...for them.  
I am a mother now to a two and a half year old.  And I didn’t think I would ever have my subsequent pregnancy.   My inner critic gets in the way all the time and I find many roadblocks throughout my life.  For example, I feel like I should try again and have our last child but the ‘what if’s’ and ‘have to do's’ kick in and I lose total control of what I need to do for me.
I believe that moving forward and helping others has helped my healing too.  I am a member of the Consoling Parents Group in Kentuckiana and I have met new friends and old ones alike who are in this "special club" with me.  To listen (so important) and acknowledge the other little lives gone to soon...makes me feel like I have a role in this life until I meet my girls in their heavenly home.  To give knowledge and to advocate for these babies and families...I feel is what I need to do.  
The numerous families and angels who have gone before us need our voices to share in this life altering event.   I want to say that there has not been one certain individual who has stood out in my mind who has not been inspiring to me.  We all are so strong in these losses.  We are living and breathing so that they may receive us home one day. 
Everyone who has gone through this tragedy is a hero to me.  Just remember we are not alone in this.  Our angels are learning about us until we make it home.  They are ALWAYS with us...I BELIEVE.  
This picture above is of my 3 girls.  SISTERS they will always be.  Each one has a reason for living in my life.  A lesson of love and hope and faith on this journey of life.  They are all my special babies.  I just cannot wait until we are all together again.  God Bless us all.

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