Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mom to Hope 
March 19th, 2008
Vorhees, New Jersey

I am telling my story cause it gives me peace.   

I am the Mom of a little girl who I had for 18 weeks.  She was my 4th pregnancy and the furthest I have gone.   Hope died inside of me and I had to let her go on March 19th 2008 she is now a little piece of blue sky.   

I never got to see the color of her eyes but I imagine blue like the ocean.  

I never got to see her face but I know it was beatiful. 

Her hair curly or wavey blonde or brown it would have been amazing.  

I never got to hold her hand.  Hear her cry or laugh but I imagine it to be like music.    

But she is now my guardian angel and looking out for her mom.  

I will see her someday.   

With all my love to my Daughter Hope.  I love you.


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