Thursday, November 25, 2010

Story of HOPE

Sara ~ Bereavement Facilitator
Reid James, Sept 25 2006
My son Reid was stillborn at 38 weeks due to an unknown cause.  After his death, I decided to channel my grief by becoming a grief and bereavement facilitator through Bereavement Ontario.  
When I lost Reid there was nothing close to me to utilize as a resource.  So I decided to become involved as a facilitator and found personal healing through helping others.
I hope to branch off into peri-natal and infant loss groups as time goes on.  
I feel as I do this that it validates Reid’s life.  His short life was not in vain and through it I have gone on to help others get by.  My inspiration evolved over time.  It took me a couple of years to decide I could actually do this, but I've known from early on how powerful it is to hear another woman’s story and share an experience.  It was my saving grace to be able to talk with others who knew exactly what I felt.
I am doing something that I never previously thought possible ~ public speaking.  Being a grief facilitator involves public speaking and hosting group sessions.  I am not a good speaker and often get very nervous. So, this should be interesting. 
I feel an overwhelming sense of strength from Reid to do this, maybe he'll get me through it.  I have not been thwarted by an inner critic, but I have had roadblocks to overcome.  First of all, the courses are expensive.  Secondly, I worry that when I am supposed to be the strong one, instead I will break down and cry.  

You can read more at  Reid's Memorial Page


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