Thursday, October 21, 2010

Story of HOPE
Cassie ~ Walk to Remember, Los Angeles
Mommy to Sophia Rene
DOD 3/11/08 ~ DOB 6/30/2008
Sophia passed away 3/11/2008 at 20 weeks as a result of Turners Syndrome. I continued to carry Sophia until 34 1/2 weeks, until her twin sister Mya was ready to join us here on earth.
I have channeled my grief into something meaningful. I am the founder of Walk to Remember, Los Angeles and I am a contributor to Faces of Loss as well. I am so blessed to have Mya here with me that this is the least I can do to help Sophia.

Since my journey began during pregnancy, I knew my life would be forever changed. We had multiple problems with the medical community as well as other various issues during my pregnancy. At 10 weeks we found out Sophia was ill. Immediately, I did everything I possibly could to educate myself in Sophia's illness. Sophia ~ ‘my little fighter’ ~ held on as long as she could ~ for her younger twin sister. After Sophia passed away, the hardest thing I ever did was juggle true grief and sorrow with the happiness of pregnancy. The innocence of pregnancy was lost for me.
I started Walk to Remember, Los Angeles to help families who are currently suffering a loss with the tools necessary to grieve properly. Since starting WTRLA, I have started attending support groups and talking to other mothers of loss which has helped more than I can tell you.
I think my reason for starting WTRLA was because I wanted to help educate families so they can utilize all the resources available to them.
At first, my inspiration was very subtle, but now that the ball is rolling, I am so happy I listened to my thoughts. My inner critic can get in the way sometimes. I feel that in many ways I have to balance my perfectionist side with my need to help as many people as possible. I know I can not conquer the world ~ but at least I can help as many people as possible.
Our first walk/memorial ceremony was scheduled on October 9th and we had a great turnout. I am so proud of what we have accomplished so far. We have reached out to many families and I look forward to celebrating their children with them. We also look forward to the future of the organization as it grows.

To find out more, please visit Walk To Remember


Anonymous said...

That is awesome. I am trying to start a support group in my area, We have nothing here. I also want to do a 5k to raise money for a fund for parents who are not able to afford headstones for their child. What you are doing is great.

Cassie Beserra said...

Thank you so much ladies. I love what you have posted. Everything is exactly how I feel.

Siscaboo- Best of luck in your journey. Please feel free to contact me if you need help.

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