Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mommy to Kaleigh Grace
Lived 14 days, January 10-23, 2008 
Nashville, TN

On January 10th, 2008 I had just turned 24 weeks pregnant with our twins.  My husband and I were in shock as I went into preterm labor for reasons unknown.  The labor was fast and unexpected and I ultimately had our TWINS at home.  Our daughter Kaleigh was born first and breach with no medical assistance.  She wasn't able to breathe as well as she should but managed to survive the trip to the hospital.  Our son Braden was born second and he was born head first with the assistance of the EMT's.

Both babies made it to the hospital and were stabilized.  The hospital closest to our home was not equipped to take care of 24 weekers.  So they transferred us to another hospital for their care.  Our daughter was struggling but we saw signs that she was a fighter.  Unfortunately, she was overcome by two horrible infections that took her life on January 23th, 2008.  It is with much sadness that we no longer have our little girl.  We found strength in others and Kaleigh's brother Braden.  He is a survivor and I believe his sister saved him from what could have been a double loss.  Braden didn't show any signs of illness and because of his sister's death the Doctor's began treating him before testing for infections.  Sure enough he had one of the two infections that his sister had and it was severe.  But the early intervention of medication saved his life and he is still with us today.  You can read in detail the story of our loss of our sweet baby girl Kaleigh and where we are in our lives today at our blog.

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