Friday, August 13, 2010

Mom to Kayla Evelyn
Born on December 20, 2006  
Sydney NSW Australia

Our daughter Kayla Evelyn was born sleeping on the 20th December 2006 at 41 weeks. My whole pregnancy was your normal everyday pregnancy and I loved everyday of it. I loved watching my belly grow bigger and bigger and most of all I loved how my oldest daughter Liana would sing and rub my belly.

The day I lost my daughter I thought I would never be the same again, I didn't want to smile because I thought I would be letting her down if I did. How can I smile when my baby just died??!! The only reason I got out of bed was because Liana needed me but all I did was make her food and go lay back down. My daughter just didn't lose a sister she also lost her mummy for a while. 5 months after losing Kayla I fell pregnant again. Scared to death of stillbirth happening again I still don't know how I got through those 9 months but the day my Emalee Hope was born on the 25th Jan 2008 I smiled again. She was a gift from Kayla to help mummy heal. She is my hero and I can't wait for the day to tell her just how special she is. 
In 2009 I was a contestant in the Australian "The Biggest Loser Couples" and had my chance to talk about stillbirth and how it effected me and my family and also get awareness out there and to show everyone that it is ok to talk about it. I have gotten so many emails and messages through facebook from ladies telling me how much I helped open up about it. So now I devote my time to talk with people and let them that they are not alone and that it's ok to cry and talk and even laugh sometimes. 
Kayla Evelyn's story has been told around the whole world as the biggest loser is being played and she is touching the lives of so many.

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Rikki said...

Thankyou so much for sharing your story. I lost twin boys just a few weeks before the biggest loser started and watching you open up on it i was bawling my eyes out for you, your beautiful Kayla and me and my boys Eli and Jett.You are very inspirational. Xxx

Mary said...

She is so beautiful, I love all the poetry at her site. Glad you have such an awesome platform to honor her to others!

Jeda said...

Thank you all for ur beautiful words :-) Im sure our angels are flying high together watching over us every single day..

Debbie said...

Love you, Jeda. <3

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeda,
I clearly remember seeing you on TV and remember feeling so proud of you (even though I didn't personally know you) for talking so openly about stillbirth in front of millions of viewers. In the 12 years since my son was stillborn at 26 weeks the subject has become more acceptable to talk about and people don't seem to shy away from me as much when I mention my son's name or talk about his story. You helped so many more people than just me and for that you deserve a big thanks!!
My stillborn son Aiden is also my hero and I believe we will all get a chance one day to tell them as much!
Samantha xx

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